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A year ago we noticed something. When going to the supermarket it seems almost impossible to avoid any plastic waste. Almost all the products you buy are wrapped in plastic which you simply throw away the next day. Besides, we noticed that it is often hard to estimate the exact amounts of food you need each week. Two pain points in our weekly shopping cycle that frustrated us and led us to the start of Happie. 
We are Bram and Dennis, founders of Happie. At Happie we make use of reusable bags and jars to provide you every week with healthy and delicious ready-to-make recipes. Each bag provides you with exactly the right amount of ingredients to make your recipes. After your week of cooking we take back the bag and jars, clean and prepare them for the next order. 
It is our goal to source all vegetables and ingredients within Switzerland only, and in reusable bulk containers to create a fully circular system without any packaging waste also from the sourcing side. 
In short, our mission is to provide you with the easiest and tastiest solution to consume food sustainably and with zero waste. We want to show the world that zero-waste food supply chains do not need to be complicated or very expensive. And we love to take up this challenge with you!
Get rid of your waste. Be Happie.
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With waste free regards,
Bram & Dennis
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