Happie team

Co-founder | CMO | CDO
Co-founder | COO | CFO

Eva Rösch

Chief Recipe Officer

Natalie Jacot

Advisor | Owner & CEO from OHNI Thun | President Unverpackt Schweiz

We want to make people eat better and more concious, with no hassle.

All people should eat tasty and healthy food. All people should know the origin of the food that they eat. Reducing packaging waste and the carbon footprint of food consumption should be fun.

Happie is an initiative by a driven and young team, that want to make sustainable food consumption convenient. Be inspired, no stress, it's that simple.

So much packaging and food waste!

Each person living in Switzerland throws away on average over 700kg of waste per year, and we understand the challenge. When going to the supermarket almost all the products you buy are wrapped in plastic. Besides, it is often hard to estimate the exact amounts of food you need each week. Solving this consumes time, so let us solve it for you!

The first zero waste Meal-kit in Europe

Our core product is a meal-kit with healthy and delicious ready-to-make recipes. Each bag provides you with exactly the right amount of locally sourced ingredients to make your recipes. We make use of reusable bags and jars only, and partner with local zero-waste stores.

Furthermore, your weekly bag can be filled with additional products from the local stores. Watch out... it is so easy that it might get addictive!

Join our journey and make impact.

During the Climate LaunchPad program we validated our diet impact calculations (datebase: IDEMAT). We are proud to share that we allow our customers to realize a 55% saving CO2 emission from their food consumption. 

Next to the diet impact, it is our mission to save 1mio packages from being wasted through use of circular packagings only. We would love to take up this challenge with you!