How it works

Would you like more creativity and variety in the kitchen without having to think too much about it? Do you think shopping without packaging is too complicated, but you still want to create less waste?

Step 1

Pick your meals

Choose your dishes for next week or let our chef decide. Sign up & receive your first packaging-free mealkit.

Step 2

Receive the Happie Mealkit

Enjoy tasty & seasonal food with 0% waste with ingredients in reusable jars & local products. Pick up at your store, or get it delivered (available for specific stores only).

Step 3

Enjoy the food. We take back the empty jars.

Upon receiving the new Happie bag, you bring back your old bag with empty jars. We wash and fill the jars. This completes the circle!

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How it works

Each week we will provide you with healthy and varying recipes with all ingredients in reusable jars & bags. With each pick-up/delivery, we take back the bag and jars, clean them and prepare for the next order. Our mission is to provide an easy and tasty solution to consume food zero-waste as much locally as possible. At the same time, we are working together with our Swiss suppliers to source all ingredients in bulk and get rid of all unnecessary packaging waste.

At Happie, we work with a simple & transparent subscription model. Each week you get a Happie bag from us with reusable jars, vegetables, and healthy recipes until you pause or cancel the subscription. You can always pause your subscription in case you go on holiday for example.

The subscription can be managed via your account. In case you have any questions regarding your subscriptions, feel free to contact our customer service via

We charge a deposit for all the reusable packaging materials for your weekly subscription. We have carefully analysed the cost of each item to determine a fair deposit amount. And to be honest with you, we care a lot about materials, and with this deposit we hope that you as customers do so as well. As per our policy you can return the empty packaging each week to us. Once you terminate your subscription, we will refund you the remaining amount.

Yes, we have tried to make this as simple as possible. When you go on holidays or just want to skip a week, you can easily do so via your account. When you go to you can login to your account via the icon top right. Once logged in you can go to "manage subscription" to view your upcoming deliveries and skip them per week.

Pick-up & Delivery

To learn more about our current Happie Pick-up locations, click on the button "Find our Locations". We are currently focusing on increasing the number of pick-up points throughout Switzerland. Some locations do offer bike-delivery to your home against a small surcharge.

If you do live in an area without a Happie location but are interested to receive Happie, the best way is to let us know via and provide us with the city you live in. In that way, we can let you know the moment we have pick-up points in your area.

The days for pick-up and delivery depend on the Happie location. You can find out more about this by clicking on "Find our locations".

Diet & Allergies

All our jars are filled in the same area. We try to take cross-contaminations into account at all locations in the best way possible and ensure good cleaning between the filling of different types of products, however we can not guarantee this. Therefore, with severe (nut) allergies we advise not to order our products.

Yes! We are making conscious choices if it comes to our assortment of products. We always source Swiss seasonal & local products from our suppliers. This also means that the recipes you get each week will be dependent on the season! We have a few exceptions like oranges and lemons that we cannot source within Switzerland due to the need of a warm climate to produce them.

Climate Impact

Based on our experience, the answer is 6 packagings on average for a two persons / two meal bag.

That's an excellent question! 

The answer is that one Happie recipe accounts for an average Carbon Footprint of 0.4KG CO2 equivalent per person. That's less than 20% of a Swiss Cheese Fondue!

Our Happie recipes are created with sustainability and personal health in mind. We participated in the Climate Launchpad in Switzerland where we received a lot of support and a validated database to calculate our impact. Our calculation is based on 40 Happie recipes. View below how a Happie recipe compares against a Pasta Bolognese, Chicken Tikka Massala, Swiss Cheese Fondue, or a 200 grams Steak.

Source (for CO2 KG eq. emissions per KG of ingredient): Idemat2022

What is the Climate Impact of my Happie Diet?

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