Brutal Lokal.

Fresh & local ingredients. Chef-made recipes.

Fresh and Locally Sourced

Chef made recipes

We believe that local ingredients are not only fresher and healthier, but they also offer a unique taste and quality that cannot be replicated by imported produce. Our chef Eva understands the importance of using local ingredients and is committed to creating delicious recipes that showcase their true flavors.

How it works

Choose your meals.
Step 1

Choose your meals.

Every week delicious & seasonal meals with freshest vegetables locally sourced
Receive it.
Step 2

Receive it.

Pick up at your store, or convenient delivery to your home by bike.
Enjoy the taste of local ingredients
Step 3

Enjoy the taste of local ingredients

While you enjoy your recipes, we take back your jars for reuse.

What others think...

Fabienne B.Customer since May 2022

"I am very satisfied with the local-to-local service from Happie! At home, you can start cooking right away, don't have to think about it much, and usually have a delicious lunch or dinner within 30 minutes."

Nora B.Customer since March 2022

"Zero waste is a huge challenge and their commitment and the level of quality is amazing. Their recipes are excellent and the whole concept is awesome! Highly recommended."

Nick V.Customer since April 2022

"Very good concept. It saves me shopping time and simplifies food planning. Also, the recipes are great: healthy, tasty, and creative. Their vegetarian dishes made my diet more diverse with ingredients"

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